Tharavad Heritage Resorts

Stay at this 100 year old mansion along the backwater canal close to the famous Alappuzha Beach. Alappuzha is the Venice of Asia in Kerala. Tharavad, the traditional homes of the landed gentry the typical Kerala style home built by the renowned practitioner of Ayurveda, Shoolapani Vaidyar is a cozy destination to experience the vibrant natural beauty of Kerala and be one with nature. This multi-bedroom homestead provides a traditional Alappuzha experience.

The Vasthu based construction renders an atmosphere of serenity and bliss. A stroll round the house feels like a tour of a lived-in museum; there's an abundance of curios and everything is properly ordered. The terracotta tiled roof with polished teakwood planks covering every room and the traditionally laid flooring mixed with proportions of burnt coconut kernel and egg-white is a natural room cooling marvel of yesteryears. Furniture made of teak and rosewood adds to the gloss of the native setting and are of antique value. The living room boasts of a collection of antiques in brass and wood. The wooden doors are no barriers to experience an exotic home-stay holiday, spiced up with typical Kerala hospitality. Succulent, mouth watering home-made food awaits you. The only deviation from this traditional living experience are amenities like modern bathrooms and communication facilities, but far enough away to escape the urban hum.


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Even before the advent of modern medicine, the traditional form of medicine, Ayurveda was much in practice and had gained expertise and acclaim. The demand for this form of treatment has gained a lot of importance of late. Kerala has been the land of Ayurveda for the past many centuries. Ayurveda has been effective in curing many diseases ad its herbal based massages offer a great rejuvenation for the body and mind. This holistic form of medicine is devoid of any side effects.
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